About Our School


At Grace Children’s Academy, your child is… LOVED!  In May, 1983, inspired by The Reggio Emilia philosophy of exploration, discovery, and collaboration, our goal was to set up a center in an underserved neighborhood where little ones could feel safe, thrive and grow. Hundreds of children and 35 years later, GCA stands as a pillar of the community with productive and successful  graduates who return frequently and attribute their success to their formative years at our school. 

Here at GCA,  our goal is to create a space where our students value “the little things”, see themselves in everything and have a clear understanding that their voices and choices matter. Our core values of  honesty, integrity, humanitarianism and responsibility inspire our young ones to have a strong sense of self and enable them to build the necessary social and emotional skills needed to create whole human beings.  Our staff go beyond the role of teachers. They serve as guides thereby allowing our children to  think independently and measure their own successes.  

We keep you abreast of each child’s progress through continuous, ongoing observation and documentation.  By embracing each moment as an opportunity to learn, all developmental areas are met thereby unlocking every child's potential. We welcome you and your family!